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What is GovCMS?

GovCMS is a whole-of-government open source web content management system designed by government for government and hosted on a secure public cloud. Find out more about GovCMS

Why you might need content migration and consolidation

There are many reasons you might need content migration and consolidation, such as:

  • Proprietary liability: You’re currently using a proprietary CMS and the cost to keep it up to date and secure is too high.

  • Legacy liability: You’re currently on an older, legacy CMS that’s no longer supported.

  • Content restrictions: Your current CMS doesn’t allow you to manage content and/or menu items without depending on expensive development time.

  • Digital transformation: As part of your digital transformation strategy you’re looking to consolidate all of your sites onto one platform.

  • Content consolidation and refresh: Your site has too many pages, is difficult to navigate to find content, and/or content is out of date or needs to be realigned with a new style guide.

Benefits of content migration and consolidation

The benefits of content migration and consolidation include:

  • Content management: Ability to easily manage your content without relying on a developer to update content or change your site’s information architecture (IA) and menu items.

  • An easy-to-use CMS: Access the many benefits of GovCMS including, fully maintained hosting system, simple ‘no-coding’ content management interface, compliant with DTA design systems and best practice responsive design frameworks, and built on a secure public cloud.

  • Content consolidation: As part of the migration process, there’s an opportunity to audit legacy content, consolidate the IA, and update the content and/or the tone of the content.

  • Repeatable, predictable: With automation, content migrations become repeatable and predictable, which provides greater confidence, faster migrations, and high accuracy, eliminating human error for rework.

Fixed price packages


To ensure the content migration runs smoothly the following must apply to the expected migration:

  • Agency has signed up to GovCMS with the Department of Finance and has a SaaS or PaaS account ready to be migrated to

What you get

What you get depends on whether you’re just migrating your site ‘as-is’ (no changes to IA) or migrating the site with a content audit and restructure.

Our content migration and consolidation services also give you access to:

  • The digital agency that’s the official service provider of the entire GovCMS platform and program

  • A highly qualified and experienced digital agency that has delivered over 30 GovCMS projects since 2015

  • GovCMS product and content specialists with extensive experience in site migration, and specifically migrating from a variety of proprietary CMSs/platforms to GovCMS

  • Our expert content specialist to help with content auditing, content strategy and content writing and editing

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