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What is GovCMS?

GovCMS is a whole-of-government, open source web content management system designed by government for government and hosted on a secure public cloud. Find out more about GovCMS

Why you might need GovCMS website rehosting and installation services

There may be many reasons why you might need GovCMS rehosting and installation services, such as:

  • Outdated infrastructure: Your current hosting infrastructure may be outdated, which can make your site(s) difficult to manage, difficult to enhance, and highly vulnerable to security issues and incidents.

  • Poorly managed infrastructure: Your current hosting infrastructure is out of date, and/or not being updated/patched resulting in poor site performance and potential imminent outages and/or exposure to security vulnerabilities.

  • Cloud strategy: As part of your digital transformation or cloud strategy, you may need to move away from an ‘on-premise’ infrastructure to a cloud platform.

Benefits of GovCMS website rehosting and installation services

Benefits of moving your site onto the GovCMS platform include:

  • High level of security: The GovCMS platform has high levels of security, including protection against DDOS attacks.

  • Compliance: GovCMS is compliant with the DTA’s cloud hosting standards/requirements and government requirements around retention, disaster recovery, security, etc.

  • A managed platform: GovCMS removes your management burden for platform hosting and the worry of not having the in-house capability and capacity to manage your site.

  • 24/7 monitoring: GovCMS is monitored 24/7 to ensure a secure and reliable platform.

  • Redirect your focus: Peace of mind that your website is on a secure, compliant and managed platform so you can focus on strategy and delivering great digital content.

One fixed flat rate for all ‘like-for-like’ PaaS hosting migrations

Fixed price hosting migrations are available for sites that meet some basic criteria (see assumptions and exclusions below). We also accommodate any variations and can work with you to determine your needs and find a fixed rate package to add to your base migration if needed.

We keep it simple, one simple fixed flat fee for any ‘as-is, like-for-like’ hosting migrations when migrating from one site to a new site with the exact same configuration. We’ll migrate the old site exactly as it is, onto a new GovCMS PaaS account at one fixed flat price regardless of how many pages and modules.

There are some upfront considerations to make sure the migration process runs smoothly, so we’ll work closely with you early on to determine what’s needed.

Cost: $4,900 +GST per site

Three optional hosting migration and/or support uplift packages to customise your migration

During the intake we'll work with you to understand what, if any, optional extra support package you may require based on your specific needs. Variations can include upgrading patch level/s, security, or module versions. We offer three additional fixed price migration uplift packages to augment your base PaaS migration.

We’ll provide technical expertise covering migration DevOps functions to accommodate and/or support migration complexities to suit your individual PaaS migration.

PaaS migration and/or support pack costs:

  1. 20 hours(Small) — Cost: $3,900 +GST

  2. 30 hours(Medium) — Cost: $5,850 +GST

  3. 40 hours(Large) — Cost: $7,800 +GST

Engagement process

Salsa follows the engagement process below:

  1. Review questionnaire or brief: Agency to complete a light questionnaire (or send Salsa a high level project brief) reflecting basic requirements and/or project key business drivers.

  2. Intake and alignment: Salsa conducts a free 30-45 minute intake phone call to align on scope, expectations and overall engagement requirements based on the questionnaire or brief.

  3. Discovery: Carry out detailed validation of host/site audit and preparation activities for migration process with agency.

  4. Host setup: Stand up and configure GovCMS platform for migration, install relevant modules, versions, etc.

  5. Migration: Migrate site to GovCMS PaaS, Salsa to smoke test and QA migration.

  6. UAT: Full regression testing with agency product owner.

  7. Go live/switch over: Switch over and go live, agency to QA check the site.

Fixed price basic eligibility criteria — assumptions

To ensure that the base PaaS hosting migration runs smoothly the following must apply to the expected migration:

  • Single point of contact to manage the entire migration process

  • GovCMS MOU signed with the Department of Finance with relevant PaaS account access setup

  • As-is migrations cover any pre-existing supported Drupal version or distribution from current source to GovCMS PaaS

  • Based on existing site configuration only per individual site moving to PaaS

  • No changes in site architecture — ‘like-for-like’

  • No changes or upgrades to the Drupal version, modules or patch levels — ‘like-for-like’

  • Access to external GovCMS IPs are setup by the agency and available

  • PaaS migrations only, Department of Finance directly manages all SaaS migrations

If you need or would like to take advantage of the migration window to make any functional or technical changes to gain time and cost efficiencies, we recommend using any of the fixed price uplift package services in addition to the base migration service.

Fixed price basic eligibility criteria — exclusions

The base migration service also excludes the following, which would require additional discovery prior to migration:

  • Any search engine conversions e.g. changing legacyAcquia search to SOLR

  • Integrating external API server-side applications/connections or re-architecting

  • Complex and non-standard theme deployments including NodeJS-based frontend build tools

  • ‘Re-architecting’ changes in platform e.g. multi or poly-sites

  • 'Re-architecting' from Composer-based site to non-Composer-based site (i.e. compiled codebase)

  • Excludes training for familiarisation onto PaaS ‘container-based’ platform hosting —see optional pricing below


  1. Pre-migration site audit report: Review questionnaire and briefing results.

  2. Migration delivery report: Developed from the discovery baseline migration site structure and modules, versions, and expected activities.

  3. Post-migration risk assessment report: Details modules and patch versions based on live deployment version against latest available GovCMS distribution.

  4. Go-live run sheet with agency checklist.


  • Agency site running on GovCMS PaaS, a resilient, secure, monitored and fully managed public cloud platform backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA

  • New site with a robust baseline for future improvements and enhancements

Fixed price packages

Fixed price base hosting migration package (which meets the eligibility criteria above):



Fixed price hosting migration package

‘AS-IS’ migration from source to target for sites meeting basic eligibility criteria

$4,900 +GST

Fixed price optional extras to accommodate variations and more complex migrations

If you require additional assistance for your migration, these fixed price packages are available for your unique or more complex hosting migration. For a total cost with options, just add any of the optional extra fixed price packages required below to the standard fixed pricing hosting migration package cost above:

Developer training PaaS 'container-based’ platform onboarding

1 day (8hrs @ $195/h +GST)

Recommended for agencies wanting to manage their own PaaS environment.

Aimed at senior technical platform hosting and developer (DevOps) team.

$1,560 +GST

+20 hour migration support pack

20 hours @ $195/h +GST

To accommodate and/or support migration complexities

$3,900 +GST

+30 hour migration support back

30 hours @ $195/h +GST

To accommodate and/or support migration complexities

$5,850 +GST

+40 hour migration support pack

40 hours @ $195/h +GST

To accommodate and/or support migration complexities

$7,800 +GST

Other good things to know

  • Optional migration uplift packages available to augment the base migration services to suit your site migration to allow for upgrades, security patching, adding additional functionality, or re-architecting if required. Further custom packages are also available.

What you get

When we migrate your website onto GovCMS, the specific deliverable is a ‘new’ site built on an efficient, fast, and flexible Drupal framework hosted on a resilient platform.

You also have access to:

  • The digital agency that’s the official service provider of the entire GovCMS platform and program

  • A highly qualified and experienced digital agency that has delivered over 30 GovCMS projects since 2015

  • GovCMS product and project delivery specialists with extensive experience in site migration

  • A proven and trusted migration tool, with access to a customised client interface that tracks your migration

  • GovCMS technical solution architect to provide a high level of technical governance and oversight to your project

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