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What is GovCMS?

GovCMS is a whole-of-government open source web content management system designed by government for government and hosted on a secure public cloud. Find out more about GovCMS

Why you might need GovCMS theme development and enhancement services

There may be many reasons why you might need GovCMS theme development and enhancement services, such as:

  • Branding update: You might want/need to rebrand your site, or update the visual look and feel of your site for parts or all of your site.

  • New web presence: Your department has merged/split and you need a new website.

  • Online campaign: You’re launching an online campaign or specific brand voice and need a new distinct visual theme for your website.

  • Uniqueness: You’re a ‘unique and beautiful snowflake’ with very individual visual needs for your website, be bold and make your mark!

  • Compliance: You’re currently non-compliant with the DTA’s Design System and/or WCAG AA standards and need to update your site to meet compliance requirements.

Benefits of GovCMS theme development and enhancement services

Benefits of theme development and enhancements include:

  • A fresh new design that meets GovCMS standards and design best practice.

  • A fully responsive design to view on devices like tablets and smartphones.

  • Compliance with DTA Design System and WCAG accessibility standards.

Engagement process

Salsa follows the engagement process below:

  1. Review questionnaire or brief: Agency to complete a light questionnaire (or send Salsa a high level project brief) reflecting basic requirements and/or project key business drivers.

  2. Intake and alignment: Salsa conducts a free 30-45 minute intake phone call to align on scope, expectations and overall engagement requirements based on the questionnaire or brief.

  3. Project setup: Jira for project and ticket tracking, Confluence for project documentation, etc.

  4. Environment setup: Setup local developer environments.

  5. Familiarisation: Initial high level walkthrough of existing theme templates, configuration, etc.

For enhancement and/or fixed hour estimations, we offer a mature and transparent process:

  • Acceptance criteria: Engaging with the agency product owner to establish clear acceptance criteria.

  • Capture: Use of mature tools such as Jira and Confluence for requirements/criteria capture and general project documentation.

  • QA testing and remediation: Internal QA to validate requirements against stated user acceptance criteria and remediation of issues identified.

  • UAT support and remediation: Agency support during UAT and remediation of identified issues.


  1. Allowance for completely tailored (but compliant) visual design

  2. WCAG 2.0 compliant and GovCMS 'compatible' visual designs provided

  3. Up to three breakpoints per design to accommodate desktop, mobile and tablet

  4. Minimum of five content types required

  5. No complex 'business logic' backend configuration other than supporting the required content types and fields

Fixed price packages

You can choose from four packages in our theme development and enhancement services:






Up to 5

content types

Up to 10

content types

Up to 15

content types

One-off setup

$4,680 +GST

Cost per content type


$6,240 +GST

$5,460 +GST

$3,900 +GST


$195/h +GST

$31,200 +GST

$54,600 +GST

$58,500 +GST



$195/h +GST

$35,880 +GST

$59,280 +GST

$63,180 +GST

What you get

Salsa’s theme development and enhancement services deliver themes to control your site’s visual look and feel in GovCMS. This may be an entirely new visual look/brand/theme or it may be enhancements to your existing themes and content types.

In addition, you also get access to:

  • The digital agency that’s the official service provider of the entire GovCMS platform and program

  • A highly qualified and experienced digital agency that has delivered over 30 GovCMS projects since 2015

  • GovCMS product and project delivery specialists with expertise in theme development/enhancements and overall frontend development/enhancements

  • GovCMS technical solution architect to provide a high level of technical governance and oversight to your project

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