GovCMS Drupal 9 readiness assessment

Know your GovCMS upgrade pathways and options, potential costs and timeframes


Salsa’s GovCMS Drupal 9 readiness assessment involves a simple yet considered four-step process that will quickly identify your upgrade options, risks, costs and timelines. Register nowExternal Link


The readiness assessment will quickly provide a high-level view of your D9 options, so you can plan and budget for your upgrade and mitigate risks.

The assessment will be conducted by a two-person team, comprised of both a functional and technical GovCMS expert.

Let us get you ready for GovCMS on Drupal 9.


Upgrade, rebuild or redesign. Let’s figure out your options.


Identify potential risks and complexities, along with mitigations where possible.


Receive rough estimates of upgrade costs.


Plan your upgrade based on timeframe estimates.

How we can help

The assessment is a four-step process that will identify your options, costs, timelines and possible risks.

Intake questionnaire

A 20-minute video conference to gather some basic info about your site(s), SaaS/PaaS hosting setup, Drupal version, patch levels, and any key areas of known complexity.

Sneak peek

A two-hour sneak peek to review the configuration of your site(s), content structures, theme templates, modules, views, search, webforms, integrations, pages, etc.

Assessment workshop

A 60-minute virtual workshop to co-review your site configuration, validate assumptions, explore options, viability and considerations, etc.

Readiness report

A 30-min presentation to take you through your readiness report reflecting your options, pros, cons, timelines, high level costs and considerations.

The D9 readiness team

The assessment will be conducted by the same experts who co-designed and co-built the GovCMS platform.

The team will come in pairs, comprising of both a functional and technical expert.

Functional experts

Our engagement managers will understand your functional requirements and lead the readiness assessment.

Technical experts

Our solution architects are there to assess the technical complexity of your upgrade to D9.

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