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What is GovCMS?

GovCMS is Australia's whole-of government website content management platform built on open source Drupal to make it easier for agencies to create modern, affordable, responsive websites.

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Why GovCMS?

GovCMS is a service that allows government agencies to efficiently deliver secure and modern websites. GovCMS currently supports over 400 websites for 100+ agencies. The key benefits that drive agency uptake are:

Security - GovCMS is built for security from the ground up, with the SaaS product having IRAP OFFICIAL:Sensitive accreditation. GovCMS handles the complexities of security for your site/sites such as ongoing security patching/updates, monitoring and service protection.

Resilience - The GovCMS architecture is designed to be resilient, with complexities such as failover handled by the GovCMS platform.

Scaleability/Performance - The GovCMS architecture is designed to be scalable and resistant to spikes in website load via its inherent auto-scaling ability.

Compliance - GovCMS provides compliant building blocks such as accessible and responsive default themes. This compliant foundation provides savings across time and costs.

Procurement - GovCMS has a well-established procurement process to save you time. An MoU process between an agency and DoF/GovCMS provides a streamlined and standard process to get your GovCMS project planned, executed and supported.

Community - GovCMS is designed for government, by government and has an established and growing community. An open and sharing ethos surrounds GovCMS, for example shared training materials, GovCMS organised events, developer relationship forums and so on.

Open source - GovCMS is open source and as such adopts an open ethos in terms of community, sharing as well as the technical aspects of open source such as access to code.

Our GovCMS expertise

  • Official implementation partner of the GovCMS platform on behalf of the Department of Finance. This responsibility encompasses:

    • Ongoing GovCMS program management support

    • Strategic advice on the architectural roadmap of the platform and services for clients

    • Service desk level 1 and application level 2 and level 3 support for 100+ government agencies supporting 300+ production sites

    • Expert DevOps (Developer Operations) support for build, test and deploy processes for the GovCMS community

    • Official trainer of GovCMS services on behalf of Department of Finance for government agencies

  • Co-designed and co-built the second-generation GovCMS platform with Department of Finance and

  • Managed transition-in program for second-generation platform planning and executing the seamless decommissioning of the legacy GovCMS platform. This included:

    • Defining a set of service offerings to enable transition of GovCMS for existing agencies and uptake of services for new agencies

    • Achieving IRAP security certification to match the legacy GovCMS platform for launch and allow a higher level of certification to be achieved post launch

    • Ensuring feature parity, or freshly envisaged features, within the second-generation GovCMS offering

    • Building technical infrastructure to allow the migration of agency sites from legacy GovCMS to the new platform

  • Migrated 100+ legacy sites from first-generation platform to second-generation GovCMS:

    • Built the migration automation tooling and verification processes

    • Managed the live migration and cut-over

  • Migrated 25 strategically identified sites to GovCMS based on security profile (co-ran this 25 site migration with the Department of Finance migrating the sites to an aggressive three-month timeframe)

  • Mature service catalogue built around GovCMS services offered to agencies (see GovCMS services below). Services include:

    • Assessment of sites for fit-to-GovCMS

    • Rehosting and migration services

    • GovCMS site audits and technical reviews

    • Application support packages

  • Member of the Department of Finance Drupal Services Panel

  • Build of approximately 50 GovCMS sites using Software and a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) service offerings (see GovCMS case studies below)

  • Intimate knowledge of the procurement process applicable to government agencies and the relationship an agency will have with GovCMS (e.g. MoU process)

  • Deep relationships within the GovCMS program at a strategic, managerial and technical level (see GovCMS publications below)

GovCMS case studies

Partnering with many government agencies to help them assess, design, build, migrate, host, maintain and scale their GovCMS websites to ultimately help them better deliver information and services to industry and citizens.

Publications on GovCMS

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