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Site audit overview

Salsa’s site audits focus on best practice to optimise your website. A ‘simple’ site audit package includes up to five custom modules, 1,000 code lines (each per module), 10 custom page templates, five content types, 1,000 lines of all client-side scripts, and zero integration points.

Cost: $7,410 +GST for a simple site audit package

Engagement process

Our engagement process is outlined below:

  1. Review questionnaire or brief: Agency to complete a light questionnaire (or send Salsa a high level project brief) reflecting basic requirements and/or project key business drivers.

  2. Intake and alignment: Salsa conducts a free 30-45 minute intake phone call to align on scope, expectations and overall engagement requirements based on the questionnaire or brief.

  3. Coordinate access

  4. Conduct review

  5. Produce risk assessment report and initial site audit report

  6. Produce stakeholder executive summary presentation

  7. Schedule findings and recommendations walkthrough

The scope of a site audit includes:

  1. Architecture audit with emphasis on site structure review, content types and entities review and field reuse. Review of optimal content types usage.

  2. Development audit with emphasis on installed modules, best use of modules, avoiding not-recommended modules by the hosting platform vendor and reputable module alternatives (if applicable), and coding standards compliance. Review of theme implementation (lightweight) and adherence to Drupal best practices.

  3. Performance audit including review of website visitors, traffic type, platform type and sizing, caching effectiveness and cache reuse by modules, views and blocks. Review of response times and caching strategy analysis. Client-side performance review.

  4. Configuration audit to assess and estimate configuration around cron run and error reporting. Review and assessment of conflicting or not-recommended modules and configuration settings.

  5. Security audit: Code security compliance checks, review of security configuration of passwords and password expiration policy. Review of file upload limits, allowed file extensions and malware scanning capabilities. Automated security analysis of custom code.


After a site audit, you’ll receive:

  1. A site audit report with architecture, security, configuration, development and performance review findings, severity/risk rating and recommendations

  2. If/where relevant, suggested remediations

  3. Module selection and configuration recommendations


  • A clear understanding of any issues on your site (covering the overall site, site security and site performance) with suggested fixes

Fixed price package

Item Hours Cost
Setup cost 6 hours $1,170 +GST
Site audit 24 hours $4,680 +GST
Project governance 8 hours $1,560 +GST
Totals (@ $195/h +GST) 38 hours $7,410 +GST

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