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Salsa’s three-day performance audit covers:

  • Day 1: Traffic/visitor analysis, caching analysis, module configuration analysis, server- and client-side performance configuration review and performance test script preparation.

  • Day 2: Execute performance tests, analyse data and identify performance deficiencies/bottlenecks.

  • Day 3: Report, recommended limitations with high level costings.

We use tools like Blazemeter, JMeter and XHProf to provide performance data.

Cost: $6,240 +GST (for three-day performance audit)

Engagement process

Our engagement process is outlined below:

  1. Review questionnaire or brief: Agency to complete a light questionnaire (or send Salsa a high level project brief) reflecting basic requirements and/or project key business drivers.

  2. Intake and alignment: Salsa conducts a free 30-45 minute intake phone call to align on scope, expectations and overall engagement requirements based on the questionnaire or brief.

  3. Setup: Environment setup and performance assessment tooling.

  4. Architecture audit: Conduct architecture, caching and config audit against performance architecture best practices.

  5. Code/config audit: Conduct (lightweight) config, module/code and client-side scripting audit against coding/config performance best practices.

  6. Database audit support: Optionally support and collaborate with Finance on application level parameters influencing poor database performance.

  7. Tests scripts: Prepare, execute and monitor performance load and stress test scripts.

  8. Measure: Measure user and system performance metrics and benchmark against optional performance SLA and/or ‘common sense’.

  9. Identify: Isolate key performance bottlenecks and/or deficiencies.

  10. Report: Details performance best practice audit findings and performance test audit findings.


During a performance audit, you’ll receive:

  1. Performance implementation report grouped by each key area: architecture, code/config/scripts and database

  2. Performance test report highlighting scope of load tests and results

  3. Issue identification and/or potential areas of attention classified by a criticality indicator (critical, high, medium, low and okay)

  4. Recommendations and/or suggested remediations

  5. High level costings on implementing suggested recommendations/remediations


  • An understanding of what’s causing your site’s performance issues with suggested recommendations

Fixed price package

Item Hours Cost
Setup cost 6 hours $1,170 +GST
Performance audit 18 hours $3.510 +GST
Project governance 8 hours $1,560 +GST
Totals (@ $195/h +GST) 32 hours $6,240 +GST

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