Key challenges for the Data Custodians

Data scientists and custodians within government are ultimately responsible for opening up clean, current and reliable datasets. However, they often experience managerial, technical and process challenges.

Typical challenges include:

  • Inconsistent interest in publishing interesting open data within departments and between departments

  • The benefits of publishing data are not always clearly tangible, which creates barriers based on assumptions of value for taxpayer money

  • Fragmented datasets that are incomplete, inconsistent and undiscoverable

  • Overly complex/bureaucratic approval processes preventing streamlined data publishing

  • Inconsistent (or lack of) executive buy-in, which limits data publishing and adoption

  • Lack of genuine methods of quantifying outcomes/benefits of open data beyond a general philosophy of being more transparent/accountable

How we help Data Custodians

Salsa partners with data scientists and custodians to help in the following areas:

  • Deep CKAN-specific knowledge and appreciation of the possibilities and opportunities

  • Significant government experience for a practical and pragmatic appreciation of government processes, protocols, limitation, drivers and influencers

  • Acknowledgement and appreciation of the challenges Data Custodians face and an ability to jointly work towards lowering managerial, technical and process barriers

  • Breadth of significant open data (CKAN) projects/programs across jurisdictions such as Victoria, Queensland and Northern Territory, and within these areas (e.g. Salsa has executed multiple projects for Victorian government departments)

  • Acting as a catalyst for sharing ideas, approaches and implementation (where appropriate)

  • Technical expertise in open data consolidation through designing, building, hosting, maintaining and scaling whole-of-government open data platforms

  • Experience researching and understanding the needs of open data producers and consumers to design better experiences for how data is published, discovered, accessed and used

  • Contributing to drafting open data business cases and delivering on projected outcomes based on open data experience and innovation

  • Co-contributing new features and fixes to open data open source platforms and their communities

  • Helping build open data momentum and community as part of our technical contributions and open data connections and relationships

  • Co-educating government, industry and citizens on how to co-create and co-innovate with open data through thought leadership publications and series including Salsa’s Open Data Insights series

  • Contributing momentum for the open data movement by delivering projects and solutions that open up more datasets