GovCMS administration menu overview

GovCMS Content Administration Series

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Administration menu overview

In this video, you'll learn about the admin toolbar which will help you navigate through the GovCMS backend.

Video sections

00:00 - Introduction

00:23 - Admin toolbar in GovCMS

02:01 - GovCMS admin toolbar orientation

03:13 - GovCMS admin menu items

04:39 - Recap

Administration menu overviewExternal Link (GovCMS Content Administration Manual)

Series info: GovCMS Content Admin Training Series



Welcome to the GovCMS Content Administration Training series. Hi, I'm Ivan from Salsa Digital and in this video you'll learn about the Admin toolbar which will help you navigate through the GovCMS backend.

Admin toolbar

The admin menu gives you access to a variety of functions. When you hover your mouse over the various menus in the admin toolbar (without actually clicking on any of these menus) most of them expand to reveal more options.

Let's now go to a page which is a few levels deep. Make sure "Manage" is expanded, and go to Structure, Content types, Standard page, Manage fields. Don't worry about what's on this page, I just want to show you how to use the admin toolbar menus to access lower-level pages. Now just a quick note, depending on your account's level of permissions, you may see some menu items missing from the admin menu. This is by design; it's not a flaw. You'll only see menu items that your assigned roles have access to. So if your user account doesn't have access to a page you won't see a menu item for it. Now you can use the back and forward buttons on your browser to move between pages. So to demonstrate let's go to Content>Add content>Standard page. If you want to go back, just click on the Back button, and likewise, if you want to go forward just click on the Forward button.

Admin toolbar administration

The admin toolbar, by default, is placed horizontally across the top of the page in the standard desktop view. However, when on mobile view it automatically switches to a vertical display across the left-hand side of the screen. Although the switch to this mobile mode happens automatically on smaller screen sizes, you can also manually trigger it and have the toolbar displayed on the left-hand side on the desktop view. Simply click the vertical orientation button on the far right of the toolbar, and then it'll display vertically on the left-hand side. When the toolbar is displayed vertically, the menus do not expand automatically when you hover over them. You need to click on the downwards-pointing arrow to expand the next level. Then if you want to collapse it, click on the X button to close it. To switch it back to the horizontal position, just click on the horizontal orientation button below the last menu item.

Admin menu items

Let's now discuss the menu items under the Manage section in the toolbar.

  • First is Content —This is where you manage the site's content pages and files.

  • Second is Structure — This is where you can change structural configuration such as content types, blocks and much more.

  • Then there's Appearance — This is where developers can manage the site's theme, which controls how the site looks visually.

  • Then from the Extend page — Enable and disable extra modules that come with the GovCMS distribution to provide extra functionality for your site.

  • Then Configuration — This area is usually only available to site admins. Custom modules and core configuration are controlled here.

  • Then if we click on People — We can manage users, roles and permissions for GovCMS users.

  • Let's click on Reports — From this page you can access a range of site reports, such as available fields, user actions and more.

  • And finally Help — Access some basic GovCMS help files.


Let's now recap what we covered in this video: You've learnt about the admin toolbar and all of the important admin menu items.

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