Campaign - What is Rules as code (RaC)?
Campaign - What is Rules as code (RaC)?

What is rules as code?

Rules as code (RaC) is the process of taking legislation, regulations and policies and turning them into machine-readable code.

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Use cases for rules as code


Business rules

Industry standards

Benefits of rules as code

Reduces ambiguity

A clear and certain citizen experience

More accessible

Helps citizens access rules and legislation (no legal jargon)


An OpenFisca rules engine can be reused by multiple user interfaces

Easier to manage

Once coded, rules are easier to manage and change


Makes laws and government more transparent

Inform policy

RaC can help inform policy and model changes

Project streams

A rules as code (RaC) project should have three main ‘work’ streams.  

Open source. Open rules. OpenFisca

Solution architecture

The solution architecture of a RaC project depends on the project, However, below is a sample architecture combining OpenFisca and Drupal. 

Rules as code - Solution Architecture

Rules as code in action

Many jurisdictions are using rules as code including France, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. Some RaC projects are presented below. View case studies in more detail

GovZero Aotearoa, New Zealand

Codifying the Social Security Act to help citizens understand eligibility for entitlements

Fair Trading New South Wales, Australia

Making it easy for citizens to check if they’re allowed to conduct gaming activities

Mes Aides (My Helpers), France

Informing French citizens about their eligibility for national and local benefits

Lex Impact — France

Allowing users to test the impact of policy changes

Les meves ajudes (My Aides), Spain

Making it easy for citizens to see what benefits they’re eligible for

Rapu Ture — Exploring the Rules, New Zealand

Allowing users to explore and evaluate government rules

GovZero Aotearoa

GovZero Aotearoa is community-led initiative with a genuine mission to bring people together to work on civic-minded projects to develop open digital public infrastructure that reduces social injustice and increases wellbeing. Salsa has been actively contributing to the GovZero Rules as code project stream. 

Salsa RaC setup services

Discovery and design

Rules analysis and mapping, content services, user-centred design, and end-to-end solution architecture.

Development, test and deploy

Set up environments, code rules in OpenFisca, configure Drupal forms and Drupal RaC module, UI/UX for forms, QA

User testing

Design and conduct user testing sessions, synthesis results, report and feedback into design team.

Salsa RaC ongoing services

RaC OpenFisca and Drupal support

Service desk support to cover incident response, bug fixes, etc.

RaC platform hosting

Platform hosting for OpenFisca and Drupal, with support packages to meet your needs.

Rules content support

Ongoing maintenance support to cover rule changes and other feature changes.

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