Service overview

Salsa staff work closely with agency stakeholders and policy experts to develop and validate a business case for implementing a Rules as Code solution.

The service includes analysis of high-value rules (legislation, policies, regulations) suitable for an RaC solution, user research to inform the design of customer-centric digital service delivery models, and recommendation of an end-to-end solution architecture.

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Salsa’s RaC consulting process

The scope and outcome of the service is customisable, and Salsa will work with your project stakeholders to agree on the scope prior to commencement. While every engagement is unique, Salsa’s RaC consulting services generally follow the below process:

Assessment of rules/legislation

  1. Workshops to identify potential legislation, policies and regulations that could be encoded
  2. Assessment of identified rules for suitability and value provided to both agency and customers
  3. High-level design of what RaC service delivery would look like for suitable rules/legislation

Outcome: Ready for rules mapping and validation prior to encoding

Service design

  1. User research may include questionnaires, observing users’ interactions with the system/prototypes, focus groups and other methods to gain an insight into users’ needs, behaviours and motivations.
  2. User journey map provides a visual account of where your customers come into contact with you — the customer touchpoints. The customer journey map provides a holistic view of the customer experience from their point of view, allowing you to walk in your customers’ shoes.
  3. High-level, user-centred design of RaC digital services. Service design analyses existing services to create and design new services focusing on customers and how to best meet their needs.

Outcome: Ready for user interface design/user experience design and prototyping

Recommend solution architecture

  1. Evaluation of existing infrastructure and digital service delivery architecture, expected load and security requirements
  2. Review of proposed RaC digital services and assessment of architecture options to meet requirements
  3. Recommended end-to-end solution architecture to deliver RaC services

Outcome: End-to-end architecture ready for implementation

Service benefits

The benefits of Salsa’s RaC consulting service include:

  • Identification of high-value rules/legislation suitable for RaC service delivery to maximise benefit to both agency and its customers
  • Understanding of how existing services can be improved to deliver truly user-centric digital experiences
  • Validation of service designs with customers and optimisation of user journeys and touchpoints
  • Improved and increased stakeholder and/or customer/user involvement
  • Early assessment of risks and benefits prior to implementation, which can be used as inputs to business case
  • Access to experts to enable you and your team to co-create and co-validate RaC ideas and solutions

How we can help

Salsa’s experienced consultants can help you assess the suitability of Rules as Code digital services for your customers and users. The project will be staffed with Salsa experts who have delivered programs and projects across many government jurisdictions and are experts in many areas of digital delivery including RaC business analysis, service delivery, user research and solution architecture.

If you want to know more, or you’re interested in getting your RaC project underway, please contact us.