Service overview

Salsa provides end-to-end Rules as Code implementation services from design and development through to hosting and training services. Salsa can work and collaborate with agency stakeholders through all phases – discovery, design (service, user experience, content), rules mapping, development, testing, deployment, training, hosting and support.

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Salsa’s Rules as Code implementation services

The scope of all phases of the RaC implementation service will depend greatly on the business requirements of the agency. For example, if detailed requirements have been identified or the services designed, then the discovery and design components can be less intensive. But generally, delivery follows the below process:

Discovery and design

  1. Workshops to identify potential legislation, policies and regulations that could be encoded and current services provided
  2. Assessment of identified rules for suitability and value provided to both agency and customers
  3. User research and journey maps to provide a holistic view of customer experience that feeds into the design process to create a citizen-centric service
  4. User-centred design of digital services, analysing existing services to create RaC services focused on customers and how to best meet their needs
  5. Recommendation of end-to-end solution architecture to deliver RaC services
  6. User interface/user experience designs aligned to customer journeys and to support service delivery

Outcome: Overall design of RaC service delivery with detailed customer journeys, UI designs and overall architecture

Rules mapping

  1. Develop a high-level concept model of rules/legislation that captures user groups, rules and eligibility criteria
  2. Create a logic/decision model of the final rules mapping, including any calculation logic and identify all necessary variables and parameters for encoding
  3. Write rules statements that represent legislation/policy/regulation as a simple set of rules in plain English
  4. Write test cases defining inputs and expected results and validate with policy experts

Outcome: Rules mapped and validated, with corresponding test cases, ready for encoding

RaC content design

  1. Identify information and inputs required for each user journey
  2. Design questions and webforms (with input from agency experts) and test with users
  3. For each user journey, identify important support information that needs to be provided to help users easily and efficiently navigate through the journey
  4. Identify obligations, responsibilities, guidelines, etc. that need to be presented to users and design content so that information is presented effectively

Outcome: User-tested and validated content ready for user interface design and implementation

Development, testing, deployment and hosting

  1. OpenFisca encoding of rules/legislation
  2. Drupal development, including webforms and integration with OpenFisca layer
  3. Frontend development of presentation layer
  4. Quality assurance testing
  5. User acceptance testing
  6. Deployment of production environment

Note: Our current solution includes Drupal and OpenFisca, however with the fast-changing nature of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s possible we may incorporate the use of AI in our development in the near future.

Outcome: RaC digital service ready for launch

Hosting, training and support

Salsa also provides RaC hosting, training and support services. We have a variety of service desk support packages, from non-SLA backed support to mission critical, SLA-backed, 24/7/365 application support. Salsa also provides a range of training options, including in-person (and virtual) training sessions, training videos and documentation.

Service benefits

The benefits of Salsa’s end-to-end Rules as Code implementation service include:

  • A truly collaborative approach to solution design and development, ensuring implementation aligns with business requirements and stakeholder expectations
  • A complete and comprehensive service to deliver your RaC service
  • Experienced agile project delivery team with a proven track record in successfully implementing complex whole-of-government solutions
  • Secure, resilient, performant and scalable hosting options
  • Options for ongoing or ad-hoc support, as well as after-hours support with immediate response for mission-critical applications

How we can help

Salsa’s experienced engagement managers, business analysts, designers, developers and quality assurance testers work closely with agency policy experts, stakeholders, product managers and owners to interpret and map the rules/legislation and implement an RaC digital service. The project will be staffed with Salsa experts who have delivered programs and projects across many government jurisdictions and are highly experienced in many areas of digital delivery, including RaC business analysis, OpenFisca development, content design and Drupal development.

If you want to know more, or you’re interested in getting your Rules as Code project underway, please contact us.