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Service overview

Salsa provides access to our most experienced and skillful digital consultants to help you explore your latest idea/opportunity for true digital transformation. Maybe you have the seed of an idea and need help assessing pathways and potential, maybe you have a well-developed concept but need to further understand possible execution paths to verify business benefit, or perhaps you’re thinking you need to reset a particular project but struggling with such an impactful decision.

Salsa will work with you and your stakeholders to facilitate a free two-hour workshop and present findings in a follow-up session.

Think tank workshop

Salsa uses a workshop to explore your opportunity and formulate possible technical and execution approaches. An interactive canvas is used to gather inputs for the problem space, define success and high level roadmaps for success.

The workshop process will be tailored to the particular opportunity or business challenge, however it generally follows the following process:

  • Discover the opportunity

    • Explore the problem space

    • Outline objectives, outcomes and success

    • Discuss present digital landscape constraints, relevance, options, etc.

    Outcome: Distill into a handful of key business requirements

  • Identify high level strategies

    • Assess fit of latest digital trends, products and/or options to opportunity, for example:

      • Application of design systems

      • Whole-of-government digital platforms

      • Open solutions - open data, open API

      • Content API/headless architectures

      • Resilient and/or high performance architectures

    • Assess fit of delivery strategy options

      • Agile delivery with appropriate-sized scope/discovery, build, rollout

      • Conceptual proof-of-concept/proof-of-value

      • Lean sprints with continuous assessment/re-assessment of success and hypothesis

    Outcome: Compile headline solution approach options
    Outcome: Compile headline execution approach

Think tank solution pathway

With the problem space, success criteria and high level approaches agreed in the workshop Salsa compiles possible solution pathways offline ready to present back to you. Salsa is able to make considered choices and informed recommendations that build on the high level solution approaches discussed in the workshop. The general process is as follows:

  • Formulate pathways

    • Offline analysis of possible sizing based on understanding of problem, success and possible strategies

    • Compile one-page strategic roadmap

    • Document pathway sizing as delivery activities/sprints based on delivery strategies, e.g.:

      • User research

      • Discovery

      • Design

      • Proof-of-concept/value

      • Prototypes

    Outcome: Design solution approaches and sizing

  • Present pathways

    • Presentation of possible pathways via further focused conference call

    • Iteration if/as required

    • Next step planning

    Outcome: Present considered pathways to success to allow you to formulate next steps

Service benefits

The benefits of the think tank for government service for customers include:

  • Low investment, high-value assistance with your digital transformation challenges and solutions

  • Access to experts to enable you and your team to co-create ideas and solutions (let Salsa bring you and your team on a shared journey)

  • A qualified understanding of fit of digital trends to your problem space — be more certain about opportunities and approaches

  • Confidence in pathways to capitalise on opportunities

  • Assurance that an objective, informed and independent assessment will be conducted

  • Confidence that various options to success will be considered, in particular lean methods will be presented to further assess/validate ideas and opportunities where appropriate

  • A better appreciation of project delivery methodologies tailored for efficiency and to your needs

  • Assurance that the initial process will provide an order of magnitude assessment of timeline and costs based on requirements and experience in delivery of similar projects

  • Early inputs for business cases with minimal investment

  • Feel encouraged that Salsa can drive a lean process for you and your team to explore ideas

How we can help

Salsa makes available its most experienced consultants to explore your options and opportunities. The workshop will be staffed with Salsa digital experts who have delivered programs and projects across many government jurisdictions and are experts in many facets of digital delivery.

We’ll work with you to compile a high impact Salsa team to facilitate your workshop. Representatives will be included from our leadership team (e.g. Alfred, Paul, Stuart, engagement management team (e.g. Julie) and technical leadership team (e.g. Steve).

If you want to know more, or you’re interested in getting your think tank for government underway please contact us.

Get started

If you want to know more or get your think tank for government underway please contact us.