What is CKAN?

CKAN is an open source tool that allows you to manage and publish open data, delivering tangible benefits to citizens.

More about CKAN

Our CKAN expertise

  • CKAN state data portal implementations covering Victoria, Queensland and Northern Territory

  • Experienced CKAN/open data practitioners across disciplines of engagement/project management, open data technical architecture and CKAN development

  • Mature CKAN service offerings such as:

    • CKAN viability assessment

    • Strategy, data architecture and schema design

    • Data migration, consolidation and conversion

    • Build and implementation

    • Training

    • Hosting

    • Support

  • Architecting CKAN hosting solutions for high availability, high throughput and using fully open source stacks (such as Lagoon)

  • Delivery of agency open data implementations (see CKAN case studies) such as:

    • Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works

    • Queensland Department of Environment and Science

    • A number of Victorian agencies

    • Northern Territory Government’s (NTG) Open Data Portal

  • Provider of CKAN/open data thought leadership, with the ability to inject a broader CKAN context into specific client engagements (see publications on CKAN)

  • Track record in blending CKAN/open data with other open standard consolidation enablers such as Drupal, Lagoon, Laravel, open APIs, etc.

CKAN case studies

Publications on CKAN

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