Lagoon expertise

What is Lagoon?

Lagoon is an open source platform designed for open source CMS, Drupal. 

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Our Lagoon expertise

  • Along with Salsa’s infrastructure partner, we've built two whole-of-government digital platforms underpinned by Lagoon:

    • The Federal Government's GovCMS platform

    • Victoria's Single Digital Presence

  • Shared enhanced Lagoon product features where relevant across these programs, driving a culture of re-use, sharing and giveback in the context of Lagoon

  • Introduced Lagoon as part of a fully open source stack to federal and state government

  • Managed the process (assessment, rectification and re-testing) of IRAP accreditation across the GovCMS program, which included assessment of Lagoon as an infrastructure component

  • Deep relationship with and its Lagoon expertise, heritage and present product roadmap

  • Salsa has three Infrastructure Architects and three DevOps Senior Engineers with deep Lagoon experience

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