5 December 2022
Akhil Bhandari

December 2022 GovCMS Mega Meetup

It was fantastic to be part of the December 2022 GovCMS Mega Meetup, the first in-person GovCMS event for 3 years. It was a great community turnout, and attendees were clearly very engaged.

John Sheridan kicked the day off by announcing a major milestone…over a billion page views hit since GovCMS was launched 2015.

Photo of John Sheridan opening to GovCMS billion page view milestone

Next, Sharyn Clarkson took to the stage and presented on the ‘great spike’, showing attendees stats on some of the traffic GovCMS sites had during the pandemic. She focused most of her presentation on the GovCMS Roadmap.

Two of the major points on the roadmap are:

  • Rules as Code (RaC)
  • CivicTheme for GovCMS

RaC is a space we’ve actively been working in over the past year or so.

We were particularly thrilled to have CivicTheme highlighted. Sharyn provided details about CivicTheme and why GovCMS is officially supporting it as a design system for GovCMS sites. She loved the fact that someone (Salsa!) had picked up the Digital Transformation Agency’s decommissioned Design System (ADS) and built on it. She also acknowledged our open source contribution via CivicTheme.

It was great to have CivicTheme endorsed by GovCMS, showing such strong support for CivicTheme as an open source project.

CivicTheme presented at GovCMS Mega Meetup

We had one presentation at the Meetup, with GovCMS inviting us to present on CivicTheme as a part of GovCMS’s own FUNctionality presentation series.

Akhil Bhandari spoke for 30 mins, followed by a 15-min Q&A session. CivicTheme is a true, technology-agnostic design system with a component library that includes a GovCMS-ready Drupal theme.

Photo of Akhil Bhandari (Salsa) presenting CivicTheme at the FUNctionality series

CivicTheme adopted by vendors

It was also great to see members of the Drupal vendor community using CivicTheme. For example, the extension of Convivial using the CivicTheme design system as its base.

Photo of Alfred Deeb (Salsa) with people from Convivial

About GovCMS

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