15 December 2021
Phillipa Martin

The Digital Government Strategy

The Digital Government Strategy'sExternal Link vision is to “be one of the top 3 digital governments in the world by 2025.”

The YouTube video below provides a brief overview of the strategy.

Three outcomes

The strategy focuses on three clear outcomes:

  1. All government services will be available digitally by 2025 — Services will be easy to understand, easy to discover and accessible for all users/citizens.

  2. Easy to access — People’s online experiences with government services should be quick and easy, just like non-government digital services.

  3. People and business centric — Services will be user-centric, based around major life events for individuals and businesses, and integrated with other government services.

Three Australian Public Service (APS) actions

The three strategy outcomes will be achieved by three APS actions:

  1. Architecture alignment — Uplift the digital ecosystem to one of connected platforms and services within the architecture.

  2. Reuse and invest — A culture of reuse is backed by modern digital capabilities delivering value for money through robust investment processes.

  3. Digital workforce — Build a government fit for the digital age, empowered by digital skills, capabilities and tools.”

These three actions tie in well with Salsa’s products and services (e.g. consolidated, whole-of-government platforms) and our open source ethos (open source promotes the reuse of technology).

Critical enablers

The strategy’s three APS actions are underpinned by four “critical enablers”:

  1. Security — It’s essential for all government services and technology to be secure.

  2. Privacy — Privacy principles will ensure data security and provide greater transparency across privacy within government digital services.

  3. Data — Data will help the government make informed decisions and provide user-centric services.

  4. Governance —To ensure alignment and accountability across government digital services.

Working with other strategies

The Digital Government StrategyExternal Link works with other key strategies including:

Salsa Digital’s take

The new Federal Digital Government StrategyExternal Link is simple but focuses on the important elements to deliver digital transformation in government. Its user-centred approach and focus on building a connected and consolidated digital ecosystem will help to deliver on its vision of Australia being a top 3 nation in digital government. There’s also a lot of common ground with Victoria’s recent digital strategy (read our blog on the Victorian Government’s Digital Strategy 2021-2026External Link ). We’re looking forward to seeing how both of these strategies come to life and playing a role in the delivery!