7 April 2022
Phillipa Martin

The Digital Economy Strategy

In June last year, we blogged about Australia’s Digital Economy Strategy 2030External Link . The strategy provides a roadmap to transform Australia into a world-leading digital economy and society by 2030.

Digital Economy Strategy 2022 update

Late last month, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet released the 2022 updateExternal Link . The update tracks how we’re doing against the strategy, focusing on the five foundations and emerging tech (a key component of the strategy).

Digital infrastructure

For digital infrastructure, the 2022 update focuses on the NBN and 5G. It outlines the $4.5 billion investment plan for gigabit capability, which will be completed in 2023. Of the $4.5 billion, more than $2 billion is being invested in regional areas.

The Australian 5G Innovation InitiativeExternal Link is another key deliverable for digital infrastructure. Round one funded 19 projects (see successful projectsExternal Link ) and round twoExternal Link , which closes next week, is offering $20 million in grants.

Cybersecurity, safety and trust

There’s been a lot of activity in this area, especially in cybersecurity. Some of the plans/progress include:

Skills and inclusion

The goal for skills and inclusion is to improve digital skills across Australia. Some of they key initiatives covered in the 2022 update include:

Systems and regulation

Systems and regulation focuses on rules and laws to drive digital innovation. Progress highlighted in the 2022 update includes:

  • Consultation started on modernising the Payment Systems (Regulation) Act 1998

  • Work started on crypto asset regulation

  • Expansion of Australia’s Consumer Data RightExternal Link (CDR) — energy data sharing is next, starting in October 2022 (Salsa actually built the CDR website - view CDR case study)

  • Continued investment in digital identity

Trade and international engagement

The goal in this area is to improve digital trade. Some areas covered in the 2022 update are:

Emerging tech

Emerging technologies are a key focal point of Australia’s Digital Economy Strategy 2030. Progress highlighted in the 2022 update includes:

Salsa Digital’s take

It’s great to see a report that tracks progress so soon after the initial strategy document. A lot of work has happened in the digital space in a short time, especially across cybersecurity and emerging tech. This work will help keep us on track to be a top 10 digital economy and society by 2030.

Many of the areas also align with Salsa’s work and interests in digital transformation in government. For example:

  • Digital infrastructure — whole-of-government platforms such as GovCMS and Victoria’s Single Digital Presence can help with the 2030 digital infrastructure goal of making people’s lives easier through integrated data and technologies
  • Cybersecurity — we’re currently doing a lot of work in the cybersecurity space and have been involved in IRAP certification for platforms (see our blog on IRAP certification for GovCMS).
  • Systems and regulation — Salsa is giving back to the open source community by donating Salsarians’ time (24 hours per week) to help with the GovZero Aotearoa rules as code project led by Pia AndrewsExternal Link .

The 2022 update provides a lot of detail and documentation, and we’re keen to cover some of the newer documents in future editions of DTIG…so keep an eye out for upcoming DTIGs!