9 December 2022
Akhil Bhandari

CivicTheme for GovCMS

It was great to participate in the GovCMS Mega Meetup last week, especially presenting and introducing CivicTheme — an open source, inclusive and component-based design system to the GovCMS community. More about CivicThemeExternal Link

Even more exciting was the announcement that CivicTheme is part of the official GovCMS roadmap. But what does this mean?

CivicTheme is built and optimised for GovCMS SaaS out-of-the-box (OOTB) website projects. So if your website is hosted on GovCMS SaaS (or PaaS) you can use Civic OOTB immediately to build and manage your website, or you can adapt it to suit your GovCMS web project.

If you’re about to build a new GovCMS website, you can start working with the CivicTheme design system to define your frontend visual designs using CivicTheme before any build stage.

Get started now with CivicTheme

CivicTheme is open source, so you can use it right away. Start by either designing your site or building immediately:

  1. Get started with the Figma design filesExternal Link or
  2. Get started buildingExternal Link (via GitHub)

Want a CivicTheme demo?

See how simple and flexible CivicTheme is with a live demo. You have two options:

  1. Self-drive demo — We give you the keys and you can spin up a sandbox in 20 minutes and demo the CivicTheme GovCMS Drupal build yourself.
  2. Salsa-led live demo + Q&A session — Get a live demonstration of CivicTheme and the opportunity to guide the demo and ask your questions.

Contact us to organise your demo.

Ready to start immediately and need help?

Join the CivicTheme Early Adopter Program (CEAP). Get ahead of the pack and get special access to expert support immediately.

Salsa is starting an early adopter program to give you support from our full range of experts — from visual designers and content strategists to our CivicTheme product team tech experts.

Contact us to learn more about the CEAP.