8 August 2023
Phillipa Martin

The Quantum Strategy

In May this year, the Australian Government released the National Quantum StrategyExternal Link . The vision is simple:

“In 2030, Australia is recognised as a leader of the global quantum industry, and quantum technologies are integral to a prosperous, fair and inclusive Australia.”

National Quantum Strategy, Australian Government Department of Industry, Science and Resources.

Focus areas cover:

  • Growing Australia’s quantum industry
  • Commercialisation and developing use-cases
  • Funding opportunities through the National Reconstruction FundExternal Link
  • Developing quantum infrastructure
  • Attracting quantum talent
  • Developing Australia’s quantum industry and international partnerships
  • Driving quantum industry in a responsible way

Read Executive SummaryExternal Link

Read full National Quantum Strategy (PDF)External Link

The Quantum Strategy’s 5 themes

The Quantum Strategy includes 5 themes:

  1. Thriving research and development, investment in and use of quantum technologies
  2. Securing access to essential quantum infrastructure and materials
  3. Building a skilled and growing quantum workforce
  4. Ensuring our standards and frameworks support national interests
  5. Building a trusted, ethical and inclusive quantum ecosystem

Each theme includes strategy actions to help Australia reach our quantum vision. These actions will be completed over the next 7 years.

Opportunities and challenges

The National Quantum StrategyExternal Link also identifies opportunities and challenges currently facing Australia.

The opportunities include:

  • Leveraging existing quantum expertise
  • Ensuring sovereign quantum capability
  • Economic growth
  • Jobs growth
  • Attracting international talent and keeping Australia's quantum talent

While the challenges are:

  • Commercialisation processes and opportunities
  • Limited advanced infrastructure
  • Ensuring Australia keeps up/is a leader compared to other countries
  • Developing quantum technologies safely
  • Developing talent in Australia (and keeping them)
  • Attracting international talent

Thriving research and development, investment in and use of quantum technologies (theme 1)

There are three specific actions around this theme:

  1. Create new programs to grow quantum use-cases for sensing, communications and computing
  2. Drive ecosystem growth through supporting commercialisation and strategic partnerships
  3. Create a pipeline of quantum tech and companies via the $15 billion National Reconstruction FundExternal Link

More about theme 1External Link

Securing access to essential quantum infrastructure and materials (theme 2)

There are two specific actions around this theme:

  1. A quantum infrastructure audit
  2. Monitor and action supply chain challenges in Australia’s quantum industry

More about theme 2External Link

A skilled and growing quantum workforce (theme 3)

There are four specific actions around this theme:

  1. Provide quantum tech PhD scholarships
  2. Draft and release a quantum workforce report that identifies specific education and/or workforce needs
  3. Bring quantum science into STEM programs in schools, universities and vocational education and training (VET), including a focus on under-represented groups
  4. Explore ways to attract and keep global quantum talent

More about theme 3External Link

Standards and frameworks that support national interests (theme 4)

There are two specific actions around this theme:

  1. Ensure regulation maximises opportunities while protecting Australia from risks
  2. Look at ways to grow collaboration and partnerships

More about theme 4External Link

A trusted, ethical and inclusive quantum ecosystem (theme 5)

There are two specific actions around this theme:

  1. Work to develop principles for responsible and inclusive use of quantum tech
  2. Make sure Australia is represented in international quantum standards-setting

More about theme 5External Link

What is quantum technology?

Quantum technology uses the physics of sub-atomic particles (the smallest scale particles). Quantum technology can be used to create new technologies and is also the basis of quantum computing.

Quantum computing can solve highly complex problems, and faster than conventional computers.

Salsa Digital’s take

Quantum technology and quantum computing represent significant opportunities for governments and Australia in general. The new National Quantum StrategyExternal Link provides a solid pathway forward. We’re looking forward to seeing the effects of the action points and where Australia is with quantum computing in the next few years.

Quantum computing could help governments, especially in areas that need significant computing, by modelling complex problems and analysing the impact of different actions. This could support and shape healthcare, economics and climate modelling into the future. See article “How Quantum Computing Will Transform Government ITExternal Link ” for information on how quantum computing can bring about digital transformation in government. The Quantum Strategy itself (full document)External Link also includes examples and use-cases.