6 July 2022
Phillipa Martin

5G innovation

Australia’s Digital Economy Strategy identifies 5 key areas as building blocks to help Australia become a world-leading digital economy by 2030. One of these areas is digital infrastructure, which includes the Australian 5G Innovation InitiativeExternal Link as a key deliverable. The goal is to maximise the benefits of 5G by leveraging other technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Round 1 recipients

In round 1, there were 19 successful projectsExternal Link . The project locations and geographical spread can be easily seen on the Australia Innovation Initiative Web MapExternal Link .

Below we highlight some of the round 1 projects.

Wastewater pipe inspections — 5G and AI

The current system of inspecting wastewater pipes across Australia is manual, visual inspections. To create a faster and cheaper method, VAPARExternal Link designed AI that detects problems with pipes. For the 5G funding, VAPAR combines its AI with 5G to deliver real-time AI inspections. The end result will be an improved public infrastructure and reduction in water costs. See wastewater pipe project detailsExternal Link

Connecting agriculture

ZetifiExternal Link received funding to work on an improved mobile broadband for regional areas for use by a variety of agricultural applications. The focus is on high-bandwidth, low-latency connections. See connecting agriculture project detailsExternal Link

Counting livestock

TPG Telecom’sExternal Link project combines the 5G network with AI image processing and edge computing. High-definition video streams are set up, with AI counting the stock and a 5G edge network processing the counting on site so the real-time data can be delivered onto farmers’ devices. See counting livestock project detailsExternal Link

Road maintenance

Brimbank City CouncilExternal Link received funding for a road asset maintenance project. The solution uses 5G and IoT to monitor and audit assets. The benefits cited include:

  • More than 50% reduction in costs to monitor assets
  • Reduction in time to find and document assets that need maintenance

See road maintenance project detailsExternal Link

Salsa Digital’s take

5G has the power to open up many innovative applications using Australian digital infrastructure and high-speed mobile data. The Australian 5G Innovation InitiativeExternal Link supports this innovation within government and industries across Australia, as we roll out 5G. We’re also looking forward to seeing the round 2 successful projects.