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The power of Merlin

Salsa’s proven content migration automation tool, Merlin, allows existing site content to be migrated from any source CMS to any target CMS.

Open source for reduced costs

Open source means no proprietary systems or lock-in contracts.

Automated, repeatable and predictable

Automation can speed up content migrations cycles and reduce errors.

Complex pages, media and attachments

Manage a wide range of content including 80,000+ page sites with complex pages.

Typical content migration challenges

Manual, cumbersome and erroneous

Generally time-consuming and highly manual, making it prone to errors.

Custom built systems

Often bespoke custom solutions are built for limited and temporary use for content migration.


Custom-built automation tools typically have a high investment cost, limited use and need time-consuming manual validation.

Merlin solves a number of issues

Proprietary lock-in

Proprietary technology is expensive and locks you in to one platform and/or provider. Merlin is open source (and free).

Legacy issues

If your legacy site is reaching end-of-life or has security issues, Merlin makes migration easier and more affordable.


Consolidate your digital presence by migrating from multiple hosting arrangements to one - increase efficiency and reduce overheads.

Merlin supports proprietary platforms

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