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What is CivicTheme?

CivicTheme is a government-grade Drupal 9 design system with a theme and component library to provide a consistent, high quality digital experience out-of-the-box.

Created for government agencies to build Drupal 9 websites faster and at a reduced cost, CivicTheme lets you build web pages from a suite of existing components such as hero banners, navigation cards and body content.

CivicTheme is an open source project designed, built and maintained by Salsa Digital. It employs the same design system principles and priority on accessibility standards and security as the former Australian Government Design System (AGDS) initiated by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA).

Built with WCAG 2.1 AA compliance in mind

Dark and light colour themes tested against compliance guidelines.

Responsive with a focus on mobile

Great appreciation for gestures, swiping and reachability.

Built for GovCMS

CivicTheme 1.0 templates work with GovCMS D9 out-of-the-box content structures.

Built for content authors

Designed for government agencies and built for content managers, CivicTheme is for Government agencies who want to manage their content without the need for coding or developers (you'll just need developers to initially install the Drupal 9 and CivicTheme code base).

Once set up, pages can be simply managed by anyone from content author role and above. Create unique page layouts or change existing ones, add new components from the available library, and modify individual components to suit different pages all within the usual page management area.

Deeper and more complex adjustments can also be made to components or visual styling via the Drupal administrative configuration features without coding.

What you get out-of-the-box

Out-of-the-box you get:

  • A highly mature and comprehensive set of components — Assemble your pages quickly and easily in the Drupal content admin area
  • Site building with no coding — Just update your logo, fonts and colours to suit your branding
  • Flexibility — Adapt or customise the components without any coding, via simple content administration or configuration

Ready to theme right out-of-the-box

Flexible to accomodate your branding

Simple enough to maintain yourself

High quality and visually engaging

Low cost and speed to market

Inclusive, accessible and compliant

Implement as-is, or fully customise it

Choose how to apply CivicTheme to your next project, with three options available.

1. Adopt — Launch quickly and easily

Aimed at non-developers, you can use CivicTheme's out-of-the-box components to build your site. Just add your logo, colours and fonts.

2. Adapt — Build your site with no coding

Modify and get creative, optimised for web administrators using non-coding config changes to adopt CivicTheme and customise your own components. You can create unlimited page layouts with a library of existing components and even customise individual components like how many cards to display, or what fields to display.

3. Customise — Get serious and build like nobody is watching

Start from a solid website foundation and get your developers to build on and customise any part of the CivicTheme design system to save time. Turn a hero banner into a video carousel or integrate your chosen third-party platform for things like event registration management and connecting your CRM.

An open source design system

CivicTheme users will benefit from a growing online community and the ability to use designs and components built by other community members.

Co-create for a better citizen experience with open source. With no license fees, open source accelerates innovation by enabling government to co-create great websites with industry and across government departments.

While Salsa maintains the open source project, any government agency can use the solution for their Drupal 9 website project.

Quality baseline

Start with a good base that’s user tested and proven.

Adapt at low cost

Make tweaks/improvements at significantly lower cost.

Engage with community

Leverage, exchange, participate and contribute to the community.

Getting started with CivicTheme

Open source and publicly available, you choose how to implement CivicTheme for your project.

Do it yourself — The DIY approach

Take the open source designs (available in Figma) and component library and adopt, adapt or customise.

Use your own developers — Get your developers or a vendor to adopt it

Get your preferred design vendor to adopt, adapt or customise on your behalf.

Get Salsa to build it

Salsa Digital can adopt, adapt or customise on your behalf.

CivicTheme resources

Access open source materials to help your CivicTheme project.